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Worship Services

September Worship Services

Sept. 12 2021- Be Faithful to Death (Rev. 2:8-11)-Pastor K 

Sept. 18 2021-Do Not Compromise Your Faith (Rev. 2:12-17)-Pastor K 

Sept. 26 2021-Hold Fast to What You Have (Rev. 2:18-29)-Pastor K 

October Worship Services

Revelation of Jesus Christ to the Churches: Oct. 10 2021- The Faithful Will Persevere (Rev. 3:7-13)-Pastor K 

Revelation of Jesus Christ to the Churches: Oct. 17 2021- The Lukewarm Church: Spiritual Anemia (Rev. 3:14-22)-Pastor K 

Oct. 24 2021- Depression is Not Your Companion(Psalms 88:9-18)-Pastor K 

Oct. 31, 2021- It's About to Come to Pass (Isaiah 43:1-7)-Pastor K 

November Worship Services

Nov. 7, 2021- Is your Heart Right with God?- Acts 8:9-25-Pastor K 

Nov. 14, 2021- When Everything Falls... What Remains- Mark 13:1-13-Pastor K 

Nov. 21, 2021- Faith is Action- Luke 5:17-26-Pastor K 

December Advent Season: Preparation and Expectations

Nov. 28, 2021- Advent: Hope- Psalms 25; Luke 21:25-26- Rev. Lester Willis

Dec. 05, 2021- Advent Worship & Communion: Peace-Arise, Go In Peace- John 14:25-31- Pastor K

Celebrating 188th Church Anniversary

Dec. 12, 2021- Advent Joy-Arise, God's Indestructible Joy- Luke 2:8-12- Pastor K 

Dec. 19, 2021- Advent Love- Christmas Service-Lessons and Carols

Dec. 24, 2021- Christmas Eve Worship Service- The Perfect Gift- Pastor Adrian Johnson

Dec. 26, 2021- Worship Service- He is Here (John 1:1-14- Pastor K

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