Impact Comments


"I have the feeling of being cared for. I also like the opportunity to connect with others I have not seen in a while." - Mark

"I appreciate the vegetarian options often times others services forget about us" - Kate

" It is very nice. Without it I could not survive. The Staff, the Pastor come together to help those who really need it. I can't make it without you. 
Thank you for really caring for me and the rest of the people" - Manny

"It is really good. I appreciate it. It really helps seniors on a fixed income." - Roy

"Really good, great food Awesome service not a lot of people can afford it" - Lisa

"A lot of people come together and really helps when you feel isolated especially in the summer when all the other food services are closed during the summer" - 

"Togetherness, sharing, community all gives me the feeling of hope" - Judy

"Friendship, nice people, nice truly feels like family. The food pantry is very helpful to me." - Esmine

"Totally fantastic..the friendliness is awesome." - Harry

"It is hard to afford a meal...this really helps. Good times and it feels like family" - Delores

"It is great to have this meal offered in the community, this community together decreases isolation." - Kate

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