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Youth Sunday School

Sunday School classes begin at pre-school to high school. Nursery care is provided for infants up to three years. Students engage in learning the Word of God through various activities, a nurturing environment with guidance from trained teachers. As they mature in faith, they learn how to apply it in their lives, while developing a Christ-centered attitude.


Children/Youth are encouraged to read their bible daily and to pray. They learn the word of God through biblical stories, memorizing bible verses, songs and activities. Through individual class time and group gatherings, we strive to make children/ youth feel that they are important members of the body of Christ and precious children of God.

Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School begins at 10 am in the sanctuary. This class is designed to instruct and disciple Christians at differing levels of interests and maturity. Every Christian is admonished to grow in the faith regardless whether they are new or more spiritually matured.

The curriculum has been developed to offer a different lessons for every believer to grow and engage in faith building activities.

Lay Organization

The purpose of the Lay Organization is to organize and train lay members of the AME Church (every member of the church that is not a Minister), so that each member may utilize to the maximum the abilities and skills granted by God, in assisting with the improvement and extension of God's kingdom, and creating happiness, peace, and harmony among its members.

Music & Christian Arts Ministry

The Music & Christian Arts Ministry is vital part of the worship experience. It's members consist of people with not only a love for music, but a passion for worship. 

Young Peoples Division

The Young People's Division (YPD) under the leadership of the Women's Missionary Society provides meaningful youth training programs and opportunities for leadership experience in all areas of church life.

By providing training in Evangelism, Christian Social Relations, and Education programs the YPD is designed to connect youth more fully to the mission of the church and increase knowledge of the African Methodist Episcopal Church history and the scriptures.

Let Us Grow, Glow and Go for Christ!

"Sons of Allen" Men's Ministry

The Sons of Allen/Men's Ministry of Grant AME Church is a group of men who are growing in their walk with God.  


Our motto is "iron sharpens iron" Proverbs 27:17.


Through living a Christian life, we encourage men to be their personal best in all areas of their lives-workplace, fatherhood, marriage, church and community.

Please join us every Wednesday from 6:30-8pm in the Board Room.

Seniors Ministry (Prime Timers)

Our Prime Timers Seniors Ministry focuses on continuing to enrich the lives of our seniors. Regular meeting date: every first Saturday of the month at 1:00pm.

Elizabeth Hackley Women's Missionary Society (W.M.S.)

The Women’s Missionary Society’s work is in response to the love of God through Jesus Christ. We believe we are God’s hands and feet. We are to encourage, feed, clothe and advocate for people in need all over the world, locally, nationally and globally.

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