April Worship Services

April 03, 2022-Communion Worship Service-What is the Fragrance of your Worship? (John 12:1-11)-Pastor K

April 10, 2022-Palm Sunday Worship Service- Can These Bones Live? - Rev. Phillip Mundle

April 15, 2022- Good Friday Worship Service- "At the Cross"

April 17, 2022- Easter Sunday/EHWMS Worship Service- The Comeback-Rev. Dr. Jennifer Leath

April 24, 2022 Youth Worship Service- Cast Your Net on the Other Side- Pastor K

May Worship Services

May 01, 2022 - Holy Communion Worship Service.- God Interrupts Us- Pastor K

May 08, 2022 - Mother's Day/ Sons of Allen Worship Service.- Hagar, God Sees You- Pastor K

May 15, 2022 - Worship Service.- FEAR-Face Everything and Rise- Pastor K

May 22, 2022 - Youth Worship Service- What You have is Enough-  Pastor K

May 29, 2022 - EHWMS Worship Service- Lead by Love- Rev. Jackie Nugent

June Worship Services

June 05, 2022 - Holy Communion Worship Service.- Rekindle the Fire- Pastor K

June 12, 2022 - Sons of Allen Worship Service.-Breaking Chains, Opening Doors- Acts 16:25-34- Pastor K

June 19, 2022 - EHWMS Worship Service.-What are You Doing Here? 1 Kings 19:8-15a- Rev. Jennifer Leath

June 26, 2022 - Youth Worship Service.-God's Got You- Psalms 23- Pastor K