January Worship Services

January 2nd 2022-Perceiving Endless Possibilities- Isaiah 43:9-21-Pastor K

January 9, 2022- The Prodigal Sons- Luke 15:11-32- Bro. Chris Hobbs

January 16, 2022-Worship Service- Rev. Lester Willis

January 23, 2022-Worship Service- Rev. Dr. Jennifer  Leath

January 30, 2022-Worship Service- Rev. Jacqueline Collins

February Worship Services

February 06, 2022-Holy Communion & Worship Service- Bro. Chris Hobbs

February 13, 2022- Worship Service- Celebrating Founder's Day- Rev. Lester Willis

February 20, 2022- WMS Worship Service- The Attitude of Reconciliation (Gen. 45:1-11;15- Pastor K

February 27, 2022- YPD Worship Service- When God Seems Distant and Silent (Psalms 22:1-10)- Pastor K

March Worship Services

March 6, 2022-Communion Worship Service- Fragrance of Forgiveness (Luke 7:36-50)- Pastor K

March 13, 2022-Worship Service- Being Intentional in Resisting Temptation- Pastor K

March 27, 2022-Worship Service- Be Intentional in Giving- Pastor K